Software & Technology

At Alliance, we understand that developing software products for commercial software and technology companies is a complex process. Business drivers and requirements change but release dates may not. The software needs to be designed, architected, and developed so it runs at hundreds of installations under different conditions.

Our software development services for product development are focused on developing software for such needs. Our proprietary InsideTrack flexible delivery methodology is based on taking Distributed Agile principles and ensuring it can extend across geographies and time zones. Our experienced software and test engineers use this delivery methodology to execute just like your engineering and test teams do, while providing greater transparency and accountability.

Product Development Services

Our include:

  • FlexCap – A flexible capacity extension model for software and test engineers
  • Rapid Prototyping and Product Creation – A high performance Agile team that takes business ideas and delivers Proof-of-Concepts, Pilots and Products
  • Technology Roadmap and Refresh – A skilled team of architects that will evaluate your business objectives and develop a technology roadmap to get your product portfolio refreshed with the right technologies


Some of the business domains where our engineers have delivered software products include:

  • Health Insurance Technology
  • Financial Technology
  • Payment Processing Technology
  • Online Advertising
  • Voice and Image based workflow automation solutions